Internet Security

Internet Security

Best Mobile Internet Security for Smart Phones

Internet Security: I do not know about you, but my phone have served me pretty much of a purpose than just for calling and texting. Today, my mobile phone is one of the most important things that I bring a long every day. I do bank transactions, booking tickets, hotels, read emails, and even monitor my investments on my phone. I could not just imagine what my daily life would be without this very small yet very compact and functional device.

Given that I can access the internet through my mobile phone, I also download or upload stuff through it. Given the number of online crimes such as identity theft, it is very important for me to ensure that all private information that I have on my phone are kept safe from prying eyes and horrible computer geeks. To ensure the safety of my information and myself, I have decided to install a mobile internet security so that my phone would have a personal safety net against those does not do much but mess with other people’s lives.

Best Internet Security

I have tried some research and have even asked my good friends about the best internet security. I have had a lot of names. But, since I need an internet security that would surely work for me and would give me the security that I need, I have decided to conduct the search on my own. And, believe me when I say that it was a very tedious process, but it was very worth it.

Best Free Internet Security for Smart Phones

My search have started by checking out the best free internet security for smart phones, not that I could not afford, but I just wanted to get on some free trial. Hey, don’t judge everybody would love a dose of free trials once in a while. The results of my extensive (chuckles) research have led me to discovering the top 3 anti-virus that I would love to try on my phone, which is AVG anti-virus free, Bitfender, and Norton. I was able to enjoy a 15-day trial on all anti-viruses and I have decided to purchase AVG anti-virus.

I have purchased it and paid for more not more than $50 a year and from time to time I get OTA updates when it is time to get the software upgraded. It has great firewall ensuring that I only get access to secured websites. I also get notifications if in the case that a website is secured allowing me to decide whether to continue or not, that feature just seems so cool. It is like having a personal secretary who reminds you of which appointment you would like to cancel and which should remain on schedule.

I have been using my phone for almost all transactions that could be made through it every time that I am away from my computer, roughly I could say it is about 5-6 years. I have had my fair share of anti-viruses in the past but, they all seem not to suit me and my needs. I am lucky that I do not have even encountered any problems though in the past (I am very cautious too), and now that I have my anti-virus, well, it does mean I am invisible, I would still be cautious, but I am more confident on checking out websites now.